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From Asia to the Americas, there are so-called “Republics”, “Constitutional Monarchies” and “Democracy”, these government systems SAY that they are for freedom, liberty, and individualism but in reality, they are Authoritarian police states that want to grip our humanity.

I say that the only solution to this is to revolt, guerrilla warfare, tactical battle, counter-economies, creating your own sovereign state (if you are are a statist libertarian), etc to bring down these oppressive authoritarian states. We must eradicate these authoritarian regimes so we can lie OUR way, without mob rule, without oppressive institutions, without the government stealing our money away from us. For the council-communists and anarcho-communists: you can free the Proletariat. For the libertarian capitalists: you can have a free market, non-coercive society. For the National-Anarchists: you can create your homogenous society (voluntarily, of course). For the Hong Kongers: your city can now be sovereign and a TRUE democracy (just don’t make it into an authoritarian police state like those other “Republics”). The Mutualists can have their society (albeit difficult to understand their ideology). The Anarcho-Syndicalists can have their workers’ union run society.

The minarchists can have their small government city-state.

Look at me, there are too many libertarian ideologies for one book, but we need to learn how to get to that goal through guerilla warfare, hope we get more plans!



>hope we get more plans!

I'm a libertarian and I respect your views, but you sound delusional. You can't start a libertarian movement when the whole idea is dying. How can you do something irl if even on the net you rarely find any libertarians.



Yeah, libertarians really are dying. It's such a shame. I already have already lost all my hope.

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