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95c64e No.38

File: 1577980484046.jpg (61.17 KB, 700x700, 1:1, iron_block.jpg)

Do you know how to hack into accounts? Do you know some hack forums or hacking tutorials?

95c64e No.40

you're pathetic. give up or use clearnet to learn simple pentesting skills. there's no magical solution that allows you to hack accounts. you won't find any L33T H4K3R solutions here.

95c64e No.54

that's not how it works bud

there is no single solution and often it is impossible depending on the practices of your target and the behavior of the website on which the account resides

the fact is, if you do not know this, you don't even have the prerequisite knowledge to start learning 'hacking', you need to study the very basics of security online

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