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02b8f6 No.29

kill all wh*tes tbh. They are weak, vile, liying and they hate pedo stuff

02b8f6 No.30

I been banned from ALL IBs, ask me anything.

f5727b No.31

Who made this music video?

513bc4 No.32



>White people did me so wrong.

>They're weak.




>And they hate pedo stuff.

lmfao, sounds good to me

There's a reason why they live in the 1st world countries you absolute poop.

I'm black and I hate CP, too, btw.

I hope you get imprisoned and raped by every black dick within the facility.

64b2cb No.33


It's the new Billie Eilish video.

241685 No.34


he is a white Brazilian and he can't hang with the big dogs at 8channel

Because i reports his Jackassery

7b47d9 No.35

File: 1576105117107.png (1.18 MB, 1824x1026, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

They are mass suiciding, soon they won't ruin this world any longer with their gay shit and cuck rules.

ad89f2 No.151

ad89f2 No.152



ad89f2 No.153

ad89f2 No.154



ad89f2 No.155



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